Come see me in LA, and new Merch!

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Lots to announce, but first let's see what's happening on Zombie World:



I really liked that episode.  I hope you did too.  And now this…



Now, if you live in the Los Angeles area, next Thursday night I will be giving a presentation on Axe Cop at Mindshare LA.  If all goes as planned I will be debuting the new motion comic there of episode 3 and I will go into the process of making comics with Malachai and the Axe Cop journey.  It's a 21 and over open bar event.  I should be selling some of my sketch books and Axe Cop merch there as well.


Also, in the Topatoco store we have some new merch in the store!  First there is the Axe Cop and McNinja on a team 18 x 24 print illustrated and colored by both Chris Hastings and myself:



Then there are now wall poster versions of these two popular Axe Cop images.  The Michael Maher painting is 18 x 24:



and the HUGE 22 x 39 inch Wexter on the Moon poster:



In case you are wonderng, the prints we have been selling in the art shop are high quality gallery quality prints made for framing.  The posters above are more like movie poster print quality.  If you are looking for something to tape up buy these, if you are looking for something to frame, buy the prints in the Axe Cop art shop.


Also… check it out, Blair Butler reviews the Axe Cop “Axe Can” from Comic Con on her Fresh Ink podcast:



And that's all for today!  By the way… a McNinja/Axe Cop tee shirt is on it's way also, designed and drawn by both Hastings and I, and it's awesome.  See you tomorrow when I MAY have an Ask Axe Cop episode for you.  If not, you'll at least get the next page of the Ultimate Battle.  See you then!




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