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Today is a special day because the Ultimate Battle (or as I refer to it, TUB) finally continues.  It is also a special day because the winner of our limerick contest dies in this episode.



Yes, his name is Andrew Wilkinson and he submitted the most original limerick in the sea of great limericks that were submitted.  His stood out because it was made up entirely of sound effects from Axe Cop.  The rhyme scheme all works and it's pretty fun to recite once you get the hang of it:

Spear impale foomp lop chop bachow
Rustle quack chuck scoop chormp eat kpow
Shoonk shink pok jab shpt phbt
Hitch thud sock fizzle phbbbt
Twirl shiv rumble plop stab chalk chpow


Congrats Andrew, and may your artoon likeness rest in peace.  See you all tomorrow as the story continues of Planet Zombie World!



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