Crunch Time

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Your new page is here, the Ultimate Battle is upon us:



This week is my big deadline to get all the comic pages down for the Axe Cop web collection.  It collects everything to the end of the Ultimate Battle, so I really need to finish drawing that thing.


I would also like to take a moment to mention Scott Pilgrim VS. the World.  Apparentlyt it bombed, and it didn't deserve it, because it was a truly brillinat, hilarious and super fun movie.  I encourage those who have not seen it to go see it, if you have seen it, go again.  I have to admit, I really want Edgar Wright to succeed for a couple of reasons… for one this movie is awesome, and he is possibly my favorite comedic director alive today… and also because I really want him to direct the Axe Cop movie.  There I said it!  And no, there is no Axe Cop movie even optioned right now, but hypothetically speaking, if you watch Scott Pilgrim I think you'll see that Wright could do amazng justice to the Axey-verse.  There's a lot of great directors out there to be sure, I was just inspired when I came out of Scott Pilgrim.


lastly, if you have not seen the new Axe Cop Motion Comic, you should!!  It turned out so awesome, the guys who work on these deserve tons of praise for the work they do. 


Alright!  Back to work!!



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