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Instead of a new page today you get a new motion comic!  This is Axe Cop episode 3.  It's the story Malachai and I were working on in the video I put online last Christmas.  If you have not seen that yet, you should watch it first:

And now I give you another work of glory by a group of very awesome and talented head choppers, Axe Cop episode 3.
If you were listening very closely you may have caught that we had a new voice actor doing the voice of Avocado Soldier.  That's Maurice LaMarche, best known as “the Brain” in Pinky and the Brain, but also has done voices for almost every cartoon imaginable.  Maurice was kind enough to donate his vocal chords to give Avocado Soldier that perfect raspy Clint Eastwood kind of voice.  He sent me a bunch of options to choose from.  Listen to this Avocado Soldier Voice Test from Maurice from which I had to pick a voice.


Animation/ Production by Promo Scape

Promo Scape is:
Animation: Glenn Cooney and Donald Lim
Title and Credits: Donald Lim
Producer: Tony Laughton

Score and Sound Design by Carl Sondrol

Narrator: Bob Souer

Axe Cop: David DeAndrea

Flute Cop/Dinosaur Soldier: Lee Gordon

Avocado Soldier:
Maurice LaMarche

Telescope Gun Cop: Marcus Irvine

Axe Cop theme song by Step Dad

Also, I had an awesome time last night at MindShare LA.  I may have gotten off kind of lucky because most of the talks before me were not super humorous, so the audience seemed ready for a good laugh.  Let's just say I was hoping it would go well, but it went even better than expected.  Everyone was really cool and I had a great time.

Monday the Ultimate Battle Continues!  See you then.  A huge fight is about to go down in London!

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