Miss You Guys Already!

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Hey Head Choppers,


It's been strange not updating.  It's as much a highlight of my day putting up a new page as it is for you.  I took last week off after I had been working day and night on getting everything done for the Dark Horse book.


Malachai has noticed the change in pace too.  He has been calling me more than ever.  For the first time I have a wealth of material, rather than a scarce supply. 


Most of you who have been following know that in May/June I spent a month with Malachai writing a whole new Axe Cop story that will be the 3-part miniseries that we release via Dark Horse Comics in full color.  The series is tentatively titled “BAD GUY EARTH” and it's all sorts of crazy.  I took pages and pages of notes and sketches during that month with Malachai.  We had good guys days, where we pretended to be good guys.  We had bad guy days where we pretended to be bad guys.  We had car chase days, where we set up a toy city in his room and acted out a car chase.  We had aliens VS. Dinosaur days.  Time travel battles.  It was a ton of fun, but as much as I tried to keep Malachai on one path so that I could get a complete story out of him, he went off on all sorts of rabbit trails.

So over this last week, I have been sifting through all those notes and organizing them into an outline.  I just finished that outline and it's so epic.  The difference between this story and the Ultimate Battle is that the Ultimate Battle was written bit by bit and we had no idea what the end was going to be.  BAD GUY EARTH we wrote in a different way.  I set out to fill in all the blanks I needed to make a complete story from the get go.  I took the concept of the one page Axe Cop story and applied it to a three issue miniseries.  It has been often noted that more stuff happens in one page of Axe Cop then in one issue of most comics because it moves so dang fast.  Well, this new 66+ page story has SO MUCH in it that it will feel like you just read the Lord of the Rings when you are done. 

The other cool thing about having all this material from that month with Malachai is that I now have a bunch of left overs I can use for other stuff.  We basically did a massive month long brain storm session.  I have a couple more “Axe Cop Presents” stories, some Ask Axe Cop material, and some other adventures to share when the time is right. 


Expect something next week.  Either an Ask Axe Cop or a new Axe Cop Presents.  My goal will be to do something at least weekly on this site from here on out.  Thanks for your enthusiastic support and for giving me one of the coolest jobs on earth.  Time to draw this crazy book!


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