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The last page of the Ultimate Battle is here!



No, this is not the end of Axe Cop.  This is the end of THIS story.  As I mentioned a few blogs back, I am stopping here for a bit.  I will be switching gears to start working on that Dark Horse exclusive-to-print mini-series.  Remember when I went and spent a month with Malachai and we were writing some new story?  Well, that's what I am going to draw next.  The bad news for you poor people is it will not be online for free, it will be in stores in a book, and in color, for money.  As a man who has always preferred print comics to web comics it was a deal I couldn't resist, and since I actually get paid something for the print comics it made even more irresistable.


Is this the end of Axe Cop online?!??!  No way Jose.  But Axe Cop online will not be a 5-updates a week web comic for a while.  Ask Axe Cop will remain an exclusively online thing.  It is my goal to do at least 100 Ask Axe Cops, so you still have over 50 left of that.  I also want to explore doing some short stories with Malachai on line, a little more similar to the first five episodes of Axe Cop.  Maybe try to do some side-stories based on supporting characters like Sockarang and Ralph Wrinkles.  There is still a lot of explorng to do in the Axe Cop world.


I am going to take a break for a week or two then I will be diving into the new book and I will try to do at least one update a week here on the site.  I want to do two updates, but we'll just have to see how much I can do while I am still working on the miniseries and trying to meet deadlines.  The miniseries will be a 3-part story that will be another unique adventure in the Axe Cop universe.  It is something Malachai and I did a full month of work brainstorming and playing guns and goofing off to create.  I think I will probably have to go spend another couple weeks with him to refine it a bit, but in general it's the most epic thing we have come up with.  I can't wait to put it to paper for you guys.  


So, please stick around, join the forum, visit the Facebook page and I will keep things coming as soon as I can.  Thanks for faithfully reading Axe Cop and for sharing it with your friends and making all this possible.



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