Axe Cop’s Daughter

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Today's episode complete's our Halloween special!



I'm not sure where Malachai came up with the term “dumb gangster skateboard” but I rolled with him on it.


If you follow the twitter or Facebook page you may have seen my post about this little girl Marissa.  I sort of worded my tweet funny and said “a fan of Axe Cop's daughter has a rare disorder…”  Well Marissa just mght be Axe Cop's daughter, her Dad Mike sent me this picture of her this morning:



Marissa needs our help, so please check out their webste and donate if you have the money.  Such a young innocent child having to suffer so much so early in life is among the most disheartening tragedies.  Please keep Marissa and her family in your prayers.


Tomorrow we have a special Halloween edition of Ask Axe Cop where we find out what Axe Cop does on Halloween.  See you then!




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