Happy Halloween!

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Today, on the last day of Axe Cop's special week of Halloween fun, we find out how Axe Cop himself celebrates the holiday…



The correct pronunciation for that thing he dresses up as is “wool (like sheeps wool)-vigh (rhymes with high)” 


Don't forget!  If you are dressing up as an Axe Cop character for Halloween, send me pics!  My favorite will get to make a guest appearance in an upcoming Axe Cop episode.  Heck, you might even get killed, who knows!  I'll make Sunday night the deadline.  Send all submissions to info@axecop.com.  So far I have had some great submissions including a pretty impressive sockarang.  I will say that the first person to dress as Bad Santa Sockarang either with chainsaw/unicron horn or electric guitar will probably instantly win.  I really want to see that.



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