Halloween week begins!

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To celebrate Halloween I am taking a break from Bad Guy Earth to give you a full week of Axe Cop comics.  Today I give you part one of the NIGHT MONSTER!



A new page goes up every day this week, then on Thursday we find out how Axe Cop celebrates Halloween in a new episode of Ask Axe Cop.


If you follow the Axe COp Twitter, then you know I announced today that I would give the best Axe Cop related costume wearer a cameo appearance in an upcoming Axe Cop comic.  So, if you plan to dress as Axe Cop, or any other Axe Cop character, please send your best pic to info@axecop.com so that I can see it!  My favorie will win the chance to be drawn into a page of Axe Cop.  I'm tempted to give it to this guy… I have been wanting to see someone do the Axe Cop night outfit for a while now.


See you tomorrow!




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