Mustache Santa

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Today's guest strip is slightly off season, but it should prepare you for the holdidays which are sooner then they seem…



I don't know what you thought, but to me, seeing Axe Cop shaving Santa's beard off with his Axe alone was worth the price of admission.  The guys behind thisguest episode are the team that made the new Arcana graphic novel Scrooge and Santa which is available in Diamond under Diamond Code: OCT100763 and if you are not a comic shop you can pre-order the book here.  Josh was the man who helped me out by coloring the Axe Cop “Audactiy of CHOP” poster and he also helped me with some stuff that will be in BEARMAGEDDON whenever I get back around to that project.


Tomorrow you can expect a new episode of SECRET AGENT BROTHERS to be out, and though it looks like the podcast is off this week because John and James both happen to be dentallly handicapped, I will be joining Axe Chat tomorrow night at 9:30pm pacific time.



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