Secret Agent Brothers!

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Last time I visited Malachai, my brother Isaiah came along.  I sat and took notes as the two of them played secret agents.  From those notes I took down about four secret missions.  Today you get to read mission one:



If you missed last night's podcast then you should know that Malachai and I are working on an Axe Cop Halloween special.  A 3 to 5 page story about Axe Cop fighting a Night Monster that will come out at the end of this month online.  Meanwhile I am plugging away at BAD GUY earth.


Also, my brother Isaiah (Agent I in this episode) does a podcast about video games you should check out if you play video games. 


I also have a new Axe Cop and Wexter t-shirt in the works based on the cover of the Axe Can we handed out at Comic Con.  That should be out in time for Christmas.


Thanks for being patient during this time of infrequent updates.  I can't wait for you to see BAD GUY EARTH!



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