Axe Cop Halloween Contest Results!

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Hey check it out, new guest episode by Sam Boyd of Hamstah Powah!



My apologies to Sam… he made this epic-sized guest episode and I kept forgetting to post it.  Well here it is.  If you like Sam's work, check out more…



Now, onto the contest!  I was really amazed by how many submissions came in!  I also had my doubts anyone would do a Sockarang costume, but I actually had a few submitted.  Lots of great Axe Cop costumes.

So, I am going to pick two winners here because I did say that the person who does a Sockarang with beard and guitar wins… so one of those goes to Nayib Nader:



The other winner is this guy:


John Davidson wins points for awesome choice, originality and presentation.


If you are Nayib or John, email me a photo of yourself normal and not in costume so that I can insert you into the background of an upcoming Axe Cop episode.


There were a LOT of great submissions.  It was really hard to only choose two.  Here are a few more of my favorites…



Axe Cop, Dinosaur Soldier and Telescope Gun Cop: the Team That Never Was, submitted by Joseph Dillon…




Jeffrey Campbell submitted this image of he and his wife dressed as Sockarang and Axe Cop.  I thought this Sockarang costume was pretty impressive:



Another couple dresses as Axe Cop and Dinosaur Soldier, submitted by Kristyn Armour:


And this guy wins points for having the exact same toy axe Malachai and I used when we created Axe Cop.  Submitted by Scott Zirkel:



And since we are on the topic of costumes, it is always worth remembering (in my opinion) the best of them all:  Baby Man from Comic Con 2010 (pictured wth me and Fire Slicer)…



Want to see more?  I put all the submissions into a gallery which you can view here.  Please comment and let people know how awesome their costumes are.  I didn't have time to go through and credit each image with who submitted it.  I have comics to draw!  Thanks to all who submitted!



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