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Today is the day!  One year ago we created Axe Cop.  I know i said I wasn't going to draw anything else unti the new year, but I totally went back on that and created this Christmas Special with Malachai:



That's right, I even aded red and green because I love Christmas so much.  This episode is a good example of what I love about Axe Cop, he is Bat Man and Bugs Bunny all wrapped into one character.  He wants justice and he is not afraid to get it by giving his enemy a present full of TNT.


Also to celebrate, Malachai and I shot a little video and talked about the last year, and decided to sing the Axe Cop Christmas carol for you…

It's been a crazy few days since the book has been released.  The signing went reallly well.  Here is a recap from Dark Horse and I realliy liked this piece from the Portland Examiner who got quotes from my family and friends as welll as Malachai and I.  We sold out of books in the first hour, Malachai was a total champ.  He loved signing people's Axe Cop merch and would add stars lightning bolts and hearts to his sig to spruce it up.  We did a live drawing demonstratiion where we created a character named “Cougar Man”  (created after Malachai mistook the city name 'Vancouver' for 'Man Cougar').  A friend had a cell phone and took video… Malachai had to take a fierce leak during this demonstration so he dealt with it by doing what looks like the Baby Man dance.


On top of all that, Mtv did a write up on the top ten reasons you need to buy the Axe Cop book.  There has been a lot of Axe Cop action this week, but that's enough for me for now.  I'm ready to get back to Christmas.  Thanks again, and I hope you love the Axe Cop book as much as we did making it.  God bless!


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