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Many, many people have asked to see an episode of Axe Cop where Malachai draws it and I write it.  My response has always been that Malachai doesn't like to draw… but then he got a Toy Story art set and wanted to draw a Moon Warriors comic, so finally, we tried trading jobs for an episode…



Now, I had a lot more I wanted to do in this story, but Malachai made an executive decision three panels in that he was bored and did not want to draw any more.  So, my story about the Moon Warriors fighting a bear became the story of the Moon Warriors being eaten by the God of All Bears.  Humbled, I must admit that whatever I had in mind, Malachai has once again out-awesomed me, even though he killed off his favorite Axe Cop characters to go play Xbox.  I know lots of people will be asking if this episode is canon and if the Moon Warriors are dead forever.  Well, yes, it is canon.  The Moon Warriors are Malachai's favorite characters though, so I am guessing that at some point he'll find a way to revive them.  I guess we can all hope.


If you live in Los Angeles, plans are being made to have an Axe Cop event at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood at the end of this month on January 27th.  I am working on a print that features every character to appear in Axe Cop since the comic started (it's a lot).  Malachai will be coming down for the event and it should be quite a good time.  So mark your calender and as I get more details I will post them here.  It is also wise to follow Axe Cop on Twitter and Facebook (links to the right of the blog).


I know it has been a while since the Bat Warthog Man story has been updated, but rest assured we did some work on it during my visit and there is a ton more story to be told.  I have been busy so I posted this episode today, but next week the Bat Warthog tale will continue.  See you then!




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