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One of the most commonly asked questions is will Axe Cop have any girls on his team.  The answer is now here…



I am pretty sure that this is the stance taken by 99% of 6 year old boys.  Sorry girls, you just aren't good fighters.  And with that, what little female fanbase Axe Cop had has now disappeared.  At least Axe Cop makes an exceptionfor the Best Fairy Ever.  He is ok with girls being on his team as long as they are tiny and live in a TV set.


I know I keep reminding you guys, but that Anniversary Screen Print is still for sale.  I only printed 300 of them, and only 200 are available in the online store.  They are signed and numbered and they feature every character to show up in the first year of Axe Cop.  I couldn't be happier with how they turned out.  They are a true must-have for any Axe Cop fan.


ETC was at the Axe Cop event last Thursday in Los Angeles at Meltdown Comics and they interviewed Malachai and I.  Malachai was about as hyper as he has ever been:



You can actually watch our entire live presentation on video as filmed by Axe Cop fan Paul Auerbach at the event on youtube!


Well, tomorrow I will be releasing a new Ask Axe Cop.  It will be the one in Eric Branscum's short documentary on the creative process of an Ask Axe Cop episode titled “Asking Axe Cop”.  Both the episode and the video will be released tomorrow.  See you then!!



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