Prisoners of War

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If you happened to watch the footage of our Meltdown event on Thursday you probably sort of already experienced this episode of Ask Axe Cop.  This is a special episode because my buddy Eric Branscum filmed the whole process and made a short documentary of it called “Asking Axe Cop”.  I think it may be more fun to watch the video before you read the actual episode, so I'll post the video here first:



And, not that you need it now, but here is the episode:



So we can add to the list of Axe Cop's questionable practices:  reanmation and slavery.  I like that he justifies the slavery by killing the bad guys first, sort of as if they are reborn into a new life of Axe Cop slavery.  I also like that he feeds them fruit and vitamins, but for some reason they shrink.  There is a lot to like in this episode.  The tiny robotic bugs, again, something normally bad guy would use, but Axe Cop remains the most thorough and relentless crime fighter in history and unleashes hordes of tiny robotic insects who seek out bad guys to poison. 
Why didn't Bat Man ever think of that?


Well, I have one more guest episode for tomorrow from my buddy Sean McGowan.  Thanks to everyone who contributed, it's been a fun couple of weeks.  See you tomorrow!


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