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Today's guest episode comes from Sear McGowan, who you may remember having done another guest episode where Book Cop tells a story.  In this episode Sean actually gets a child to do the writing.  He even stole the sound effect “Udder Cup!” which is how Malachai pronounces “Upper Cut” that I mentioned in a tweet a while back.  I still want to use that someday. 



And now here is a video I put together that captures the entire inking, gray toning, and lettering process of Ask Axe Cop #51.  I recorded all this for use in Eric Branscum's film Asking Axe Cop, but he didn't end up using any of it, so I decided to make it into it's own little video.  I wish I had recorded the rough pencil stage too but you get most of the process here beyond writing and penciling.  I draw in Manga Studio EX, gray tone is Photoshop CS4, and letter in InDesign CS4.


Later today I am going to post the results for the top ten Axe Cop moments of 2010.

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