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The missiont to get to the Evil King Bad Guy Planet 2 is still underway… Axe Cop needs a chemist!



Chemist M… can you guess what the M stands for?


In other news, some awesome fan posted this video on YouTube:



Comics Alliance even did a story on this video.  I know there are a lot of us who would like to see an Axe Cop video game, but this guy is making it happen.  Seriously, if you want to see an Axe Cop video game, do this.  The game companies are watching, they see this stuff go up and they know that people are hungry.  Like this video, share this video, comment on this video, and post your own Axe Cop video game videos and send them to me.  Let the industry know we want Axe Cop the game! 


Also, don't miss the latest podcast and if you live in Souther California, come see me speak at Cal State Fullerton on Friday night.  It's free and open to the public.  This talk is geared more towards people trying to get into the industry, but I will be taking a lot of questions.  It should be pretty in depth, and hopefully a lot of fun.  It's my first “college lecture” ever.  I put that in quotes because it feels weird saying it as a man who never went to college. 



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