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Really Axe Cop, no time for love? What about your pal Sockarang?  Does he have time for love?  Let's find out…



This can only mean drama in upcoming episodes.  Only one female any of the characters will give the time of day and Sockarang has won her heart.  What I appreciate about this comic is how limitless potions for killing usually are, but potions for romance are very limited… you get a quick hug and kiss and then POOF it's over.  The technology for potions that aid in romance is pretty far behind the potion for turning a massive army of zombies into good guys, or making a bad guy into a giant who dies.


I want to let y'all know that there are still prints available in the store.  This is the anniversary print that features every character from the previous year.  Limited to 300 prints, signed and numbered.  They even come with a cool little chart that tells you all the characters.  Get them while they exist! 


And here is another video where someone made an Axe Cop character and recorded the game play.  This time in Fall Out: New Vegas.  Love the head chop at the end.



Also here is an interview along with some coverage of our Meltdown event at Things to do in LA.  I also had a great time giving my first lecture ever at Cal State Fullerton last Friday.  Thanks to everyone involved and who came out to see me.


Bad Guy Earth is SO CLOSE to being done.  Issue one hits shevles on March 2nd!  I can't wait!!  I sent my editor Shawna most of the pages of issue 3 yesterday and she was in hysterics.  Doug TenNapel has seen some of it and he calls it a “car wreck of human creativity” and I think that is a pretty good description. 




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