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Not sure where it goes from here, but in today's episode we see the King of All Bad Guys for the first time.  I'm not sure if this king has anyone higher up in command than him, or if he worships a devil or an evil God… or if once he is dead, the rein of evil over the universe will end, but all we can do is continue to read and find out.


Here's a few links for the week…


I did one of my more unique and in depth interviews over at Travels of John,  a web site that interviews men who have been ambitious/successful in an area of life (safe to say they weren't asking me about my ability to perform gymnastics)


I also really enjoyed this podcast interview with Paul and Storm that I did.  These guys are hilarious geek rock stars who you should be listening to anyway.


Also, there has been a ton of great reviews of Bad Guy Earth this week.  Here are a few…


Cape Town  “Axe Cop is beyond a wonderful experience.”


Nerdage  “Axe Cop is action-packed hilarity”


iFanboy Pick of the week “Comic publishers are scrambling to find the next big thing, and the next mind that will change the way we view the form, and step up to fill the shoes of Jack Kirby, Stan Lee, Alan Moore, Frank Miller, and Grant Morrison…  Enter Malachai Nicolle, age 6.”


Crave Online   “Okay, well, the search is over. I’m going to head down to my comic store and cancel my folder because from now on I only need to read one title: Axe Cop.”


There have been more, but I can only copy and paste so many links!  To keep up on reviews and other links follow the Twitter and Facebook pages!


See you soon.  Lots of cool stuff on the horizon.  If you saw Axe Cop on CNN on Sunday, you're lucky because I missed it!  If you didn't, it will be online tomorrow.


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