Counting Down the Days

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Yesterday was a special day… it was once again Malachai's birthday.  Happy Birthday little brother!



Malachai is now 7.  We had an awesome time this weekend at the Emerald Cityt Comic Con is Seattle.  Thanks again to ECCC for having us as guests.  Wre had a great time on the Dark Horse panel (starts at 15:00 in the video):


We sold out of books early Saturday.  We met a lot of people who really love the comic.  One lady came up and expressed how much it meant to her she even started to tear up.  I never imagined this silly comic would have such an effect on people. 
Malachai had a lot of fun signing when he did.  I felt sorry forthe people who came by the booth when Malachai was there, but not signing.  When he is into it, he's really into it (he drew a few people some “upgraded Ralph Wrinkles robots”, I hope someone posts theirs online somewhere).  He liked to customize people's books and posters by adding lightning bolts and stuff to them.  He even at one point drew a big puddle on Axe Cop's nether regions and said “I made Axe Cop pee his pants” on a guy's limited edition print.  But he did it with a red marker.  “I made Axe Cop pee blood” he said.  That guy got a ne of a kind print for sure.
Well, the boy is 7 and heis growing up fast.  I'll be heading up to spend another month writing with him in April.  Feel free to leave him birthday wishes in the comments here.  He will get them.  Thanks for joining in on all the fun we've had, making Axe Cop is such a blast.

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