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It's a big day.   Bad Guy Earth #2 hit shevles today.  Malachai and I got our early advance copies yesterday and sat together and read through them.  It was pretty cool.  Here I am on my second month-long visit working with Malachai on our next series of stories and we take a break to sit there and read the comic we created last time I spent a month with him.  Our hard work all paid off and printed into a nice little full color book, and just yesterday morning Mtv Geek named Bad Guy Earth #1 the best comic book of March 2011!.  After reading the full comic Malachai saw an ad for Dr. McNinja at the end of the comic and looked up Dr. McNinja on my iPad and read three story archs.  He is a fast reader… something like 187 words a minute.  He read a 200 page Hardy Boys book the first week I was here.  He loves to read, and he got all excited to do another team up with the Doc.  I need to talk to Chris.


Speaking of Bad Guy Earth, I posted the extended version of the Bad Guy Earth trailer on YouTube.  This is the longer version that was created for the Axeiversary event in L.A. at Meltdown Comics.  Dark Horse decided to shorten it for the official trailer, but I decided to go ahead post the full version because the voice acting is pricless and I think Hand Cuff Man makes this scene.  Here it is:



A lot is on the horizon right now… for one thing, Axe Cop's weekly release date will be switched to Tuesday mornings starting next week.  You'll find out why then, it's a pretty cool announcment that I am pretty excited about.  Also, hopefully starting in May, I will be releasing 3 episodes a week.  Basically, we want to get a volume 2 of Axe Cop done, and one page a week is not going to cut it.  Now that Bad Guy Earth is done it's time to dive in and start really pumping out more content.  Remember the good ol' days when I was doing 5 pages a week?  Yeah me too.


Also awesome… these guys made Axe Cop the topic of their presentation in their Storytelling Class.  Some impressive memorization and some very funny moments.  I applauded my screen, this deserves a look from any fan of Axe Cop:


What else?  Well I did another podcast interview on “With Special Guest” and I think it went pretty well.  I definitely got asked some questions I have never been asked before.  Speaking of podcasts, I bet some of you are wondering what happened to CHOP.  Well, it's unclear, but I know James (the Chop master) has been realy busy and has had to put some things on hold.  He may have to drop CHOP, but right now it seems it's up in the air.


I'm bummed too have missed Wonder Con, and especially this guy.  I will be at Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland on the 16-17 of this month.  Come and get your Axe Cop books and say hello if you live in Portland.  I'll also be at Wizard World Anaheim at the end of the month.  You can find out more info in the Appearances section of the site.


I'll end by reminding you that StickerYou! is offering custom Axe Cop sticker sheets.  You can set up your own sheets how you want and order the high quality stickers in the mail.  Malachai and I plastered our notebooks with them. 


Well, I hope you got your copy of Bad Guy Earth #2 today.  Issue 1 is just about sold out.  In my opinion, each issue gets better in this series.  Issue 3 contains some of the most insane things I have ever attempted to draw, I'm really excited for it to come out.  Also, the current story arch, Bat Warthog Man Can't Find His Friend, is about to hit one of my all time favorite Axe Cop moments you have not yet read.  I can't wait for you to see it.  Until then, thanks for reading.



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