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You are probably wondering why you are seeing a fresh new Axe Cop episode posted bright and early on a Tuesday morning.  Well, welcome to the new paradigm shift, has joined Axe Cop's team!  Basically, we have partnered up.  CollegeHumor is posting Axe Cop episodes on their site, and we are linking back to them from our site.  We give them content, and they give us traffic.  It's a beautiful thing. Huge thanks to every one at College Humor for helping spread the Axe Cop love.  I encourage you to go to their site and check out what they have going on over there.  Car Sondrol, the man behind the awesome sound tracks and sound design of the last couple Axe Cop motion comics does a lot of the music in their videos.


Today's episode is DOUBLE STUFT.  I mean, it is twice the usual size because I loved both of these pages so much I wanted them to post at the same time.  This whole scenario with the unicorn and the brain is one of my favorite insane ideas Malachai has ever come up with.  I have been excited to post it ever since he came up with it when I was visiting him last Christmas.  Mice and babies… now we know why they have that look in their eyes.  They are constantly thinking about unicorns.


It's been another good week, especially on Twitter.  Big thanks to Brian Posehn, Damon Lindelof and Felicia Day for their twitter promotion of Axe Cop.  I'm excited that people are enjoying the Bad Guy Earth series, it's my favorite thing we have done so far and I am really looking forward to releasing the final issue.   Also, we got these new Bat Warthog Man tee shirts!!



I'll be at Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland this coming weekend.  I'll have some posters and books on hand and will be doing comissions.  I'll also be doing a panel with my awesome editor Shawna Gore.  Also, this just in, I will be in Lancaster PA at Franklin & Marshall college speaking on the 27th, then that weekend I will be in Anaheim at Wizard World.  I'll be all over the place that week!  Get the details on those appearances in the Appearances section of the web site.


Well this blog has gotten long.  I hoped you enjoyed today's episode as much as I did.  See you next week at our new time!



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