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We're heading into finale territory,which means each page is more work draw, and less work to read.  But it's fun right?  Bad guys VS. dinosaurs inside the brain of the King of All Bad Guys?  I did this page using my old intuos 3 because my Cintiq is packed up because I am in the middle of moving.  For those non-digital artistis, an intuos is a digital drawing pad where you draw on the pad but watch the screen in front of you.  A Cintiq is a drawing pad/monitor combo so you draw directly on the screen.  It was an adjustment going back to the intuos and I definitely do not miss it, but it got the job done.


The big news this week is that Axe Cop won the Eagle Award for Favorite Web Comic for 2011.  The Eagle Award is the British equivalent to the US Eisner award.  The big difference is that the Eagle Awards nominated Axe Cop for best web comic and best cover, and awarded Axe Cop for one of those, whereas the Eisners didn't even nominate Axe Cop.  That's fine, but let me just reisterate my appreciation for the love the Brits have shown Axe Cop… I really hope we get to come visit some day.  Thanks to everyone who voted online for Axe Cop and all who were involved in honoring us with this award. 


Well, the Bat Warthog Man story is winding down.  It may end on exactly episode 100.  We'll see, I haven't done the math but I know it's close.  Thanks for tuning in,



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