Gettin’ a Move On

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Well, I am in the middle of moving, so I skipped out on doing a new Ask Axe Cop, but instead am posting a couple guest episodes that are long over due.  Apologies to both artists for taking so long to post these, but hey, you gave me something to post on a day like today where I am busy transporting my life to a new location. 


The first one is by Matthew Sargent of SkippingInfinity.


I appreciate the tribute aspect of this one, and the time it must have taken to draw all those cops!  The next one is by my good friend Lars brown of Oni's North World.  I'm not sure if Axe Cop would ever actually drink tea, but if he did I'm sure this would happen.



Besides that, here is an interview I did at Sketch Maven, and Comic Impact posted some sketches they commissioned from me at Wizard World Anaheim.  That's all for now!  See you next week.



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