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I decided to make this episode the first ever “Ask (not Axe Cop)” and instead have Flute Cop answer.  I didn't want to let on that Axe Cop knew this much about Flute Cop, since technically the two still have no clue they are brothers.  I don't know how it works that Flute Cop went to college for 100 years, then joined Axe Cop's team except to assume that time and math work differently in Axe Cop's world.  We can also assume that what we know as a “recorder” in our world is known as a “flute” in Axe Cop's world.


They were filming the documentary when Malachai gave me the answer for this one, and he was running all around the room making up these moves.  He made up a ton of them and I fit the best ones onto the page here.


Outside of a new episode, it's official that Malachai and I will be special guests at San Diego Comic Con this year, which is a huge honor.  We are planning an amazing Axe Cop panel and Kevin Murphy of MST3K/Riff Trax has agreed to moderate.  Malachai is SDCC's youngest special guest in the history of the event.


Also, don't miss the special episode of CHOP we did, which was actually a special episode of Nobody's Listening.  WARNING:  It is long, and it is FULL OF BAD GUY EARTH SPOULERS.  We are riffing and reviewing the entire Bad Guy Earth series in this one, so you should read the series before you listen to this podcast.


That's all for now.  It was fun to revisit Flute Cop, and finally found out how he fights.  Until next time…



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