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What's funny about today's episode is that I actually had done a sketch in an early sketchbook of a tongue-in-cheek character named “LIBORG” who was a lion cyborg.  I did not think to give him a third-half of a cheetah brain, but other than that I basically had a preliminary sketch done on this character in a sketchbook I know Malachai has never seen.  Great minds think alike.  Another fun fact is that Malachai has assigned the character Liborg to be our brother Isaiah.  He is Liborg.  He tried to assign our other brother Noah, who is a Marine, to be Army Chihuahua, and he refused because he hates Chihuahuas, and he hates the Army.


Also, I know that I could have spelled it Lyborg, but I chose to spell it Liborg for two reasons… one, it retains more of the word “Lion” with the “i” instead of a “y”.  Two, I think a kid would spell it this way without even considering the option of using a “y”.  It makes more sense if you only look at the words Lion and Cyborg and don't get tangle up in the weeds of words like Liberty and Libra that make you think somehow it should pronounced “Lih-borg” or “Lee-borg”.  Just roll with it.


I don't have much in the way of Axe Cop news related links, but I do have this: 


James Kennison of CHOP! has a website called where he posts a new piece of Buzz Lightyear tribute art every single day, and recently he did an Axe Cop Buzz.


Also,  super awesome painter Dave Rapoza has agreed to team up with me on the cover for the Bad Guy Earth collected edition, and it is currently looking A to the MAZING.


I'll leave you with that, and I hope you enjoyed the new character, because now I have to draw him for the rest of this comic, along with all those other dang characters.  Lions!!  GAH!!



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