Motion Comic #4 is here!!!!

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I'm pretty excited to finally be releasing this video to you guys.  In my opinion it is the best by far.  The guys really put some work in on this one.  Well, you  better just watch it rather than read me blabbering…



Yep!!  Wasn't that amazing?  Predicting that people will want that closing theme song as a free download, I already prepared it.  You can thank Carl Sondrol for this sweet piece of music:




Other due credit on this video…

Animation/ Production by Promo Scape

Promo Scape is:
Animation: Glenn Cooney
Title and Credits: Donald Lim
Producer: Tony Laughton

Score and Sound Design by Carl Sondrol

Narrator: Bob Souer

Axe Cop: David DeAndrea

Flute Cop/Dinosaur Soldier: Lee Gordon

Avocado Soldier:
Maurice LaMarche

Ralph Wrinkles: Big Lou Johnson

Mrs. Snoward: Mary Thomas

Snoward Children: Keegan Courtwright, Elias DeAndrea, Eliza Thomas

Axe Cop theme song by Step Dad

Axe!” (closing credits song)
Music production, Lyrics: Carl Sondrol
Vocals: Will Wheaton, Angeline Gragasin
Guitar: Max Crowe
Trombone: Chris Murphy
Inspired by Isaac Hayes’ SHAFT!

Please spread the love and share this video far and wide.  A lot of work went into this thing and they once again all involved did it out of their love of Axe Cop.  We are all in their debt, you guys are awesome!



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