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This is the official blog post to tell you all you need to know about AXE COP at Comic Con 2011!  First and foremost, this is where you will find us:


click here for the full Exhibitor list and floor plan.


The next bit of info you will want is panels.  There are two panels I will be on…

Thursday 2:00pm  Join the 2D Animation Revolution.  Join Doug TenNapel, Skottie Young, Dave Gibbons, myself and others to discuss 2D art and animation and the software we use to make it happen.

and the MAIN EVENT:

Sunday 10:00am AXE COP.  This is the big Axe Cop panel.  Kevin Murphy will moderate as Malachai and I share what is going on in the world of Axe Cop!  We'll be giving a sneak peak at Munchkin Axe Cop and the Axe Cop documentary, as well as some behind the scenes stuff that has not been seen online or in books.


SIGNING:  At my booth (#1714) it is important for you to know that if you want Malachai's signature, he will only be at the booth for 1-2 hours a day.  Here is the schedule right now, but it is best to come to the booth and find out if there have been updates because it is subject to change.  Malachai may get tired of signing, and if he does he will not be at the booth.  We have done cons before, and he loves signing, but we have never tried 5 days straight.  If you don't get a Malachai signature, tough luck.  We will give as many as we can as long as he is enjoying himself.

WED (Preview Night): 6:00 This is probably the best time to catch Malachai, he will be fresh and rearing to go.  He probably will be there until 7 or so.

Malachai Signing:  6:00-7:30

Malachai Signing 12:00-1:45

Signing/demonstrating Manga Studio at Smith Micro booth #5353 (just Ethan) 11:00-12:30 
Malachai Signing 2:15-4:00

Malachai Signing 2:00-4:00

Ethan and Malachai sign at Dark Horse booth #2615 12:00

Malachai final signing 1:00-2:00


Keep in mind that you may get lucky and catch Malachai at the booth at other times, but following this schedule is your best bet.  Also keep in mind that following this schedule is not a guarantee.  Malachai may not be in the mood to sign at these times and if he isn't, he won't be there.

I would also ask ALL Axe Cop fans this personal favor:  If you see Malachai with my family away from our booth PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR AN AUTOGRAPH.  Please only request is autograph at the booth.  I know some people won't get this memo, but if you do please help us out by keeping to it.



If you would like to buy a commission from me, I will be doing them first come, first serve.  If you would like to reserve a commission send me an email at and let me know what you would like and I will give you paypal info (cut off for this is Tuesday night at midnight).  Commissions are 9″x12″ ink on bristol board for $40.00, add $5.00 per additional character.  I will do a commission in your own sketchbook at a price, depending on the size of the paper it will be between $20-$40.


We will have what is left of the Axe Cop One Year Anniversary Prints available and this will be a rare opportunity to get one signed by Malachai.  I will also be promoting my new project, BEARMAGEDDON.


That's it for now.  You can ask questions and hope I reply.

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