The Joy of Poisoning Pirates

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Another day, another installment of Axe Cop: the Funny Episode.  It's funny because it says it is.  Ok it is more creepy than anything, but it is at least fun.


Monday I posted the definitive Axe Cop Comic Con 2011 blog.  Read it if you are attending Comic Con so you know what is what, when what is, and where to go.  It is especially important because Malachai will only be at the booth for an hour or two a day, so if you want to meet him you gotta check out the schedule.


Also, Mtv Geek made a list of the best mini-series and one shot comic books of 2010, and Bad Guy Earth placed #2!  There was a couple exceptional, book-jacket worthy comments:  (spoiler alert)”this may be the best, most ridiculous setup for a poop joke in the history of comic books” and “Axe Cop… is violent, bloody, frequently disgusting… And great for the whole family to read.”  Thanks Mtv Geek!


Alright, even though I will be at Comic Con, a new Ask Axe Cop will still post on Wednesday and a the final episode of the Funny Episode will post next Tuesday.  I haven't figured out if I will have an Ask Axe Cop for next week yet because I will be running around with my family visiting for a few days after Comic Con and am unsure when I will have time to draw it.  So, we'll see.  I may use family vacation and Con fatigue as an excuse and miss a day.  We'll see.


Also, August 3rd is the offical date of the beginning of BEARMAGEDDON, my other web comic series.  It will post two pages a week in full color.  It will post at

(click to enlarge)


Until then… see you at Comic Con, and if I won't see you at Comic Con, well, have a good life anyway.



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