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I am writing this ahead of time so that it automatically posts on Thursday while I am descending into the belly of Comic Con.  So here it is, Ask Axe Cop #61… all about man traps.  As usual, the traps are thorough, creative and awesome.  I appreciate the spike/lion/tiger trap.  It really takes care of any contingencies where a guy might escape, or not fall on the spikes fatally, or maybe shoot the tiger.  I don't care who you are, you can't survive a spike/lion/tiger pit.


Yesterday was our Dad's birthday.  He's a good man.  We love him a lot and we all had steak (if everything went according to plan).  Happy birthday Dad, we love you!


If you are at Comic Con you really should be reading the blog I posted on Monday about our schedule, panel, etc.  Go read that much more useful blog entry.  This one… this one is done.


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