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I know that this episode brings into question some of Axe Cop's other recollections of his past, but I think we should just go with it.  I'm just happy to revisit Axe Cop's controversial method of night fighting, which I have never seen another good guy put into practice.  Ask Axe Cop #2 (the first instance of Axe COp's night technique and cat suit wearing policy) remains one of my all time favorites.  I think there is something inherintley hilarious about knocking a man out who is already asleep.  He just had no chance to block or dodge. I believe there are some Chaplin routines where he knocks a sleeping man on the head with a mallet to make sure he does not wake up and catch him sneaking around.  Chaplin was the original Axe Cop.  In face I would really like to see a photoshop of Chaplin wearing the cat suit and aviators carrying an axe now that I have the mental picture.


I foresee a few people saying that it can't be true that Super Axe is the world's only Axe Super Hero because there is Axe Cop, and while Axe Cop does have a lot of super hero traits, Malachai would still classify him as a cop, not a super hero.


As is now the tradition, Bearmageddon has a new page up today as well, and I have posted a blog about the time a dog's soul passed over me in my sleep.  True story.


See you tomorrow with more Axe Cop messing with the magicians on Magic World. 


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