September 21st: Bad Guy Earth

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Hey y'all.  For some reason I have been telling everyone that the Bad Guy Earth collection comes out in October.  I have been dead wrong!  It comes out on September 21st!  For those of you who never got the single issues (those things sold like hot cakes!) or were waiting for the collection (as I usually do.  Yeah I am one of those people) you will not be disappointed.  This is my favorite work to date.  The coloring is beauriful, the cover is gorgeous, and I put a lot of work into the extras on this book.  Specifically nearly 30 pages about the making of Bad Guy Earth. You will get to see the toys we played with, the messes we made, the notes I took, the sketches, some sketches from Malachai… it is, in my opinion, the coolest “sketch book” section I have ever seen in a trade paperback.  There are also some beautiful full color pin ups in there.  You can preorder it at many places, though I recommend TFAW but you can also do Amazon if that's how you like to do your preordering. 

So basically Axe Cop went to Magic World to get a thousand dollars and tick off all the magicians.  If it helps make any sense of the tone of this story, Malachai wrote this right around when he wrote the Funny Episode, so he was much more in “prank” mode, then “fight evil” mode. 

Alright, we'll see you next week so you can see where this story goes.  Have a wonderful weekend.


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