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I had a good time in Detroit, and I apolgize for no RecomMonday blog, but I got home after another day of flying and was pretty wiped out.  I didn't realize my flight home was four stops on the same plane, so all in one day I went from Detroit to Chicago to Oakland to Burbank.  


Besides meeting lots of great people and other artists, we were honored to have won the Shel Dorf Award for Web Comic of the Year!  I never prepare myself for winning, so I had no speech, I just sort of stumbled around saying thankyou this is awesome.  Axe Cop won the Eagle Award in the UK but I was not present to receive it (they had me record a web cam acceptance speech just in case I won).  This was the first time I have won an award in comics and been present to accept it, it was pretty cool.  Here is a picture of me, having just received the reward, taken by none other than the super-skilled Jason Howard (The Astonishing Wolf Man, Super Dinosaur):



So, as I mentioned last week.  Things are going to slow down around here for a bit.  I will let a couple guest episodes give me some time to do some Bearmageddon work and also get crackin' on the new Axe Cop miniseries for Dark Horse.


Speaking of miniseries for Dark Horse, the complete Bad Guy Earth book is hitting shelves on Wednesday!  This is a book any Axe Cop fan should own, especially if you have only been reading the web comics.  This is the ultimate Axe Cop story and I am extremely proud of it.  Please order it, buy it from your local shop… do whatever you must.  But get this book!  Even if you got the singles, there is over 30 pages of bonus material including a ton of “the making of” material that has a lot of characters and concepts that never made it into the final story.  I spent a month making Bad Guy Earth with Malachai and I document that month in this extra section and I think if you enjoy Axe Cop you will really dig this bonus section I put together.  It is a bonus section I totally put together myself and sent to Dark Horse, just to be clear.  This is not a few pages thrown in just to get you to buy the trade.


Anyway, I know this page felt like the last page of Axe Cop Babysits Uni-Baby, and it sort of is- but there is an unresolved issue that Axe Cop has to deal with and he will do that next episode, which will be the final episode of Axe Cop Babysits Uni-Baby. 



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