Old Rabbit Eating Contest

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I still don't really understand why the rabbits have to be eaten when they get old… but it's just one of those dirty jobs that goes on behind the scenes so that civilized people can enjoy magic shows.  We should tell Mike Rowe about that.


Here's some behind the scenes on this final page.  Page 15 (the episode before this one) was supposed to be the ending, but I felt it was really weird for the magic police to never be revisited and for their to be no resolve to that story, so I called Malachai and quizzed him on what was up with the MP.  Were they good guys?  Bad guys?  He said they were good guys and Axe Cop was just pranking them.  It was all good clean fun, but the MP were really mad.  You will see on the first letter they sent that Axe Cop will have to do whatever they want for three days to avoid being locked up in magic jail.  The “whatever we want” in that letter would have been for Axe Cop to eat their poop and drink their pee for three days.  I think Axe Cop sensed it would be something like that and that is why he didn't agree to it.  Plus I told Malachai I am not drawing that. 


Well, another story is over.  As I said, I'll post some guest episodes over the next couple weeks.  If you would like to submit a guest episode, go for it, but please have it to me in the next week or so.  Like by October 7th at the latest.  We will be going back to Thursday-only updates for a while here as I get into the new Axe Cop print-exclusive miniseries.  It was fun posting three comics a week while I could but I can only do so much.  If I learned anything from today's episode I'd clone myself.


Don't worry.  There are more Axe Cop stories to be told… we have one that is mostly done about Wexter and his Dad having a father/son day out killing bad guys, and we also have a dog adventure wherein Ralph Wrinkles, Army Chihuahua, Presty and a new dog character go on an adventure.  Both need work but I hope to make one of them the next online story… though I have an Axe Cop Presents that is my favorite new thing right now and for all I know it could become it's own full story.  Man!  So much to do!


Also, false alarm on the Bad Guy Earth trade being released yesterday.  It got postponed ANOTHER week.  I have no idea why.  LAME.  Sorry for constantly hooting and hollering about it only for it to suddenly not come out.  I hope it actually comes out next week.  I'm trying to keep the faith.

See you next week.



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