C.S. Lewis, Meet Malachai

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Since the only chance of Malachai and C.S. Lewis ever meeting might take place in the afterlife, I have decided to do an artists rendition of what it might look like.



Knowing what I do of C.S. Lewis I think he'd dig Axe Cop.  I at least hope he would, and I am a huge fan, though I admit I have never read the whole Narnia series, I have a read a chunk of his books on Christian Philosophy which I love very much.  I think Narnia is very Axe Cop in the way that so many different animals and fantasy beings team up and get in battles. 


Malachai's answer to this question was so long and epic I had to break it into two parts, and the second part is about 1/3rd longer than this one, so it is more than 2 pages long. 


Well I am back from Norway (Nornia?) and had a great time.  They were incredibly friendly and I met a lot of people who I am pretty sure will be friends for life.  One guy named Simon did present me with a plastic viking helmet, but didn't have an electric guitar and said he needed the helmet back before I left, so… other than that rip off it was great.  One thing about Norway, it's freakin' spendy!!  A Krone does not get you far.  Their dollars are like nickles here.  I couldn't believe it when I came back to LAX and bought a coffee I was so releived at the price.  That has to be the first time Ihave rejoiced over the price of anything in an airport.

Anyway, I'm still a little jet lagged, but it's good to be home.  The next part of this episode will come out next week on Wednesday, so I apologize for the wait but it will be worth it.  I'll see you tomorrow when Axe Cop and Dinosaur Soldier take Uni-Baby to the park, and don't forget we got a new page of Bearmageddon today as well.



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