Unconscious Robots & Awesome Strollers

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Another Thursday installment of Axe Cop.  In today's episode we introduce Uni-Baby's stroller, which was actually created by my buddy Cliff Cramp who drew a pin up for the Bad Guy Earth collection coming out on the 21st.   We made it into a desktop wallpaper (click to enlarge):


Malachai saw that awesome stroller and immediately decided it was canon.  Cliff did this painting as a demonstration for his class.  He is an art professor at Cal State Fullerton.  Of course, I'm not insane, so I don't know how the heck he drew all that engineering so accurately, but I simplfied the design so I could retain my sanity.  If there are any sketch-up wizzes out there it would be awesome to get a model of it for easy tracing.  Yes, I do that.


Alright, we are approaching the finale of this story and we have part two of Axe Cop in Narnia next Wednesday.  I am trying to finish up all this stuff so I can turn in all my files for the third volume of Axe Cop, which is the next collection of web comics.  I just finished my pin up for Doug TenNapel's RatFist book in which I rendered out a realistic version of his character “Monkey Trout”. 


Also, if you live anywhere near Detroit, I hope to see you at Detroit Fanfare, check out the info in Appearances on the top right of the home page for more info.



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