Poop Cannon

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That's right, that thing is a poop cannon.  It was actually Cliff Cramp's idea to make it a poop cannon, and Malachai liked it, so he used it.  (Of course he liked it.)  I forgot to mention… if you have seen the new Star Wars blue-ray collections that have just been released, that is all the work of Cliff Cramp, the inventor of the poop cannon stroller.

I have been working feverishly on putting together Axe Cop Volume three, the next printed collection of the web comics. 


Also, tomorrow is the release date for the Bad Guy Earth trade paperback.  I don't care who you are, you gotta get this book!  This is my favorite publication of my own work to-date.  It's full color, it's epic, and there is a lot of extra stuff in it about how Malachai and I work.  It will be in comic shops tomorrow.  If you want to get it in book stores you will have to wait another couple weeks.  Whatever you do, get it.  It is the ultimate Axe Cop book and I am very proud of it.


And of course Ask Axe Cop #70 is released tomorrow… the second half of the Narnia adventure.  The episode is giant sized and I can't wait to post it.  What a lot of work it was.  See you then!



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