Super Secret Secret Attacks!

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I have always loved the secret attack, ever since Axe Cop first poisoned those monkeys back in Ask Axe Cop #6.  I know some may say that he found a secret secret attack back in Ask Axe Cop episode 21, but I would argue that he discovered secret attacks period at that point.  Either way, this episode is creepy and grusome, but awesome.  I know that you will find it hard to believe but Malachai really does not like gore or horror movies or anything like what comes out in Axe Cop sometimes.  I think a lot of his ripping bad guys apart comes from playing games where that kind of thing is cute, like Kirby's Epic Yarn.  He just applies all the same morality to a world that is not made of yarn- but both are made of imagination.


Don't miss today's Bearmageddon page, it is one of my favorites and involves an elk being suplexed in a heartfelt homage to Final Fight.


Well I am off to Norway. If you are a Norwaynian (I know it's Norwegian, I just like Norwaynian) you should come check out what I've got.  This will be the first opportunity anyone will have to get a brand spanking new Bearmageddon poster off of me.  I'm not incredibly excited to be on 3 planes for almost 20 hours, but here's hoping it is all worth it for the adventure.

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