Viking Metal!

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I'm going to be in Norway for Raptus this coming weekend, and I fully expect to see this when I step off the plane:

I was talking about this trip with some friends and we came to the conclusion that, where Hawaii puts a lei on your neck when you arrive, Norway should put a viking helmet on your head and give you an electric guitar.


As for today's episode… oh yeah hey look Uni-Baby got a mention, that means the story might actually get on track.  This story is 16 pages long so that will give you an idea of where we are at.  Anyway, I need to get a bunch of work done so that I can still post comics and be on a trip to Norway at the same time.  If you will be at Raptus I hope you come say hello!  We plan on doing our first live Skype session with Malachai at this thing.



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