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Alright, well, that was very poopy, and for you poop sensitive people I apologize. 


Now, just to let you know, we are coming up on a break here.  I don't have any new Ask Axe Cop material for a little while, and I only have two more episodes left of the current story arch.  As this story winds down, I am going to try to do a glob of Bearmageddon pages, and more importantly, get to work on the next Axe Cop Miniseries for Dark Horse Comics.  This will, as it did last time, have an effect on the online output (namely, it will bring us back down to a page a week for a while).


I haven't quite yet decided what will come next.  After next week when this story concludes, I will post guest episodes the next week ( I have a couple awesome ones in the hopper).  I will take the next two Wednesdays off since I am out of Ask Axe Cops and need the break, but Bearmageddon will still post those days.  I'll have a better idea of my plan in the next two weeks, but I wanted to give you the heads up that there will be a change in posting rate here for a while as I begin to draw our next print-exclusive comic for Dark Horse.  If anyone wants to submit guest episodes during this down time, please be my guest!



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