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I just want to give Kailey Frizzell a hand for coloring that work station.  She went above and beyond on that one.


Have you had a chance to get Munchkin Axe Cop yet?  Well here is a new review from ICv2.


Also, volume three is on its way!  It has a foreword by LOST co-creator Damon Lindelof, pin ups by many amazing artists including Rob Schrab, Jason Howard, Birdgit Scheide, Chris Ayers, Kris Straub and the first pin up ever by Mike Nelson of MST3K & Rifftrax (he filled in at the last minute because Skottie Young missed his deadline) I believe it is due around February maybe?  I don't know the exact date yet.  Here is the cover:



This volume collects everything through Axe Cop Babysits Uni-Baby, including all of the Axe Cop Presents stories, the holiday specials, The McNinja crossover and a selection of guest episodes.  It's a nice variety and is very similar to volume one in format, with lots of commentary and insight into each story.  It also collects the Ask Axe Cop episodes from 43-70.


As Christmas approaches, be a good friend/sister/brother/father/mother/baby and give the gift of Axe Cop.  I have just begun drawing the 97 commission orders today.  So far I have 20 done and they are some of the best I have ever done.  I have a lot of fun with these, I get into the Christmas spirit.  I listen to Christmas music, get out the old Sumi ink, my Winsor & Newton and some bristol board and go crazy.  It's a nice break from the Cintiq. though every once in a while I find myself trying to hit “undo”.  I'll post some of my favorites after I finish them all.  Thanks again to everyone who ordered them, and in case you missed the announcement, they went off sale on Friday and are no longer available.


I guess we can move on now and learn about these Siberian Witch Doctor Cats named Iggy and Willy.  Can you guess where Malachai got the names Iggy and Willy from?



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