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Just been working on the upcoming pages of this story and they are some of my favorites.  This story definitely has its own flavor that is for sure.  It is another one of those, similar to the Ultimate Battle and Bat Warthog Man that could really go anywhere at this point. 


Just a reminder that I am taking orders for commissions until November 25th, so if you want one, please order now!  I have already raised enough to buy a new computer, so THANKS to those who have already ordered.  From here, whatever I make goes toward Christmas presents for the family.  Like I said, I will stop the orders at 100, and we are about 2/3 of the way there, so get your orders in as soon as possible, because you may not have until Friday.


And please don't forget to take a look at the store when you are doing your Christmas shopping.  It full of cool stuff.  There's also the Pop Funk Axe Cop tees and Munchkin Axe Cop that are sure to brighten anyone's holiday.


Alright I think I covered all my bases.  Happy Thanksgiving, have a great time with your family or friends.  See you next week!


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