The Dogs: They’ve Been Let Out

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Ok, at least one.  He doesn't have a name yet, but he is a little English Bullpup.  Welcome to our new storyline.  HUGE thanks to Kaily Frizzell for coloring this story.  Yes, it will only be posting once a week on Tuedays while I work on the new miniseries for Dark Horse, but it will be in color, and it will feature all of those dog characters people seem to like so much.  Axe Cop will play a role in this story, so it is an Axe Cop story, but the dogs will get more face time than usual.


Well it was Halloween last night and a few fans sent in some very amazing costume renditions from Axe Cop.  Here are three favorites:


Kurt Larson as Axe Cop with the Best Fairy Ever.


Valerie Paquin sent shared this picture of Axe Cop and Uni-Avocado Soldier!  I am pretty sure this is the first Avocado Soldier costume I have seen.  I love it!!

and possibly my all time favorite just for it's “D'AAAAWWWwww!!!” factor:

This is Martin Garner and, I assume, his kid. He posted the pic next to Axe Cop and Wexter of easy comparison.  There was no official Halloween Costume contest this year, but I am pretty sure this would win. In fact, Martin, send me a picture of you and your son not in costume and I'll work you in as “extras” on a future page.  You deserve it.


If you dressed up Axe Cop-themed this Halloween, please send me pics!  You can email to info at or post them on the Facebook page.  You can also be on the lookout for the official licensed Axe Cop Costume at Halloween Outlets for next year… or just to wear.  Why not?


Well, I'll see you next week with more Dogs.


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