Axe Cop and Super Charlotte

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As I warned last week, this week and next week's updates will be this two part guest episode by Tom Martin and his neice, Charlotte.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.  To me Tom hits all it out of the park in multiple areas.  The timing, the art, the conveying of a story told by a child… he captures it.  I don't know why Tom isn't drawing comics full time, this stuff is excellent!

I just finished the first issue of the upcoming Axe Cop print miniseries this weekend.  I'm so much more excited about it now that this first issue is done.  I can't wait to release the cover. 


If you enjoyed Tom's work, please check out his other stuff.  On top of being an artist, he is in a thrash metal band called Lich King.


And that's that.  We'll find out what happens next in a week!  Thanks Tom!


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