Mummy Power

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You didn't think these cats would go down that easy did you?  They have only begun to fight. 


You are probably wondering how they became mummies, and where those red glowing diamonds in their chests came from.  All that will be explained, but the next two weeks I am going to give this story a break and feature a two-part guest episode by a guy named Tom Martin who managed to make one of the funniest guest episodes I have ever seen, written by his 7 year old niece.  I need the break, because Christmas set me back quite a bit and I really need to focused on getting the first issue of the new Axe Cop print miniseries done so I can get another check on its way.  Usually I do a few pages of each comic I am working on, but for now I need to reach a certain amount of pages on this project as soon as possible then I can get back to normal.  You may be bummed, but trust me on this, this guest episode feels like the real thing, Tom and his niece pulled it off.


For those of you in Los Angeles, you may remember that we did an “Axeiversary” last year at the end of January at Melt Down comics.  We are going to do an event again this year, but I am moving it to the release of Axe Cop volume 3 because I don't have the time or funds to put together an event right now.  So stay tuned, if you live in southern California, we will have another event.  Last year's was a blast and I hope to have just as much fun this time around.


Munchkin Axe Cop seemed to be a huge hit over Christmas.  Steve Jackson says it has been one of the best selling Munchkin games.  My family played an impassioned game of Munchkin when I visited, and though we kept getting the rules all wrong, it was still fun.


So, I'll see you next week with the first of the two part guest episode, then we will get back to the Dogs.  Have an Axe-tastic week.


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