Axe Cop in the Happy New Year.

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The title of this blog refers to an unused Ask Axe Cop answer I got from Malachai where I asked how Axe Cop would pastor a church.  He didn't have a lot of material for that one beleive it or not, but he did say the congregation would sing “We All Love Jesus in the Happy New Year” over and over.  I don't know if that is a real song.


Well if you follow the Facebook or Twitter accounts you may know that I ran into trouble with my laptop over my Christmas visit so I couldn't make anything new last week.  It's ok it, it was a nice break and I had a good time with my family.  I actually made it a point not to use this trip to get Axe Cop material out of Malachai.  I wanted to make sure he knew I still visited just because I love the family and not to get Axe Cop stories.  So we mostly just played video games, though at one point Malachai spontaneously started making up an Axe Cop story and I started writing it down, so I did get some bonus material after all.


I am currently sitting at my new compyter, earned using commission money.   Thanks again to everyone who ordered those. If you ordered one and did not receive it, you should have by now (unless you live in some remote foreign country). I had one person email me who it turned out I totally skipped.  Hopefully there isn't more of those.


Alright, enjoy your installment of the Dogs, it's just starting to get good.



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