Axe Cop and LolBat!!

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Oh man, two big announcements today!! 


OK, first I know that you probably noticed that THE DOGS is still on hold, but I drew you a brand new Ask Axe Cop, and I think we were way over due for a new one. 

Well, next week we will be taking off from THE DOGS as well.  In fact Axe Cop won't even be here, he will be over at teaming up with LolBat for the entire week!



This will be a 5-part strip written mostly by Malachai, with input from Scott Kurtz and myself.


On top of all that, Axe Cop volume 3 is here!!  So please go pick yourself up a copy.  Foreword by Damon Lindelof, Pinups by greats like Rob Schrab, Jason Howard, Kris Straub and Mike Nelson (yes, Mike did me an MSPaint pin up). 

Wha else?  I will be at Emerald City Comic Con, and so will Malachai!  Come see us at the Topatoco booth.  Malachai will be there Saturday and Sunday.  We will also be doing a panel on Sunday in room 3AB at 1:00pm.  I will also be on Dark Horse's “Powered by Creators” panel at 4:00pm in room 4C1-2.


I think that is enough.  Next week… LolBat!



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