Delayed Episode!

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Sorry head choppers, today's episode never posted because I never drew it!  I have been working on the Axe Cop TV show and generally gettng behind in everything I am trying to accomplish in life.  I'm not sure if I will be able to do a new episode by next week… probably not.  But hopefully soon after we can finish this story since it is so close to completion.  Thanks for your patience.  It will be worth it, I have been spending all day this week and last week working with writers on turning the Axe Cop stories into TV epsiodes.  We have called Malachai numerous times to get his input meaning you will get new scenes and sequences that were never in the comics.  It's a really fun and exciting process.

Tomorrow is the last day you can order these prints from me online, so if you won't be at SDCC you should go order one up! 



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