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Dear patient fans and followers of Axe Cop and Bearmageddon.  You have probably noticed a sever lack of updates in the recent past.  A number of things in my life have been holding me up, namely the Axe Cop TV show, which put everything else I was working on off the table for 3 weeks.  The show is still in production and it will still take up a lot of my time, and I am way behind on the “President of the World” art.  With all this, I've had changes in my life, travel and other things like San Diego Comic Con on the horizon that have set me back quite a bit.  Believe it or not, in all the busyness I am not paying the bills very well either, so I have had to prioritize work that pays.  So to make a long story short, I have decided that for now I am going to have to put the Axe Cop web comic, and Bearmageddon on hold.  These projects, especially Bearmageddon, do not pay well.  I need to finish the print series I have a contract to complete with Dark Horse, and I need the time to put into the TV show when I am needed for it.  I don't know how long this hold will be… I am hoping just a month.  I hope it is not TOO long.  The main thing I need to get out of the way is this print series.  Once that is done I may be able to get back to the web updates depending on how demanding the TV show is at the time.

I do need to address those who ordered “Bearicatures” (those who paid to be background characters in Bearmageddon)… I understand your frustration at the hold up with the comic.  I promise you will still be in the comic, but if you feel you have been mislead and are upset please email me and let's talk about how we can square up.  Bearmageddon will be completed, in fact one project I want to look into after getting President of the World done is either a Bearmageddon kickstarter or finding a publisher for it so that it is more worth my time financially.

Whatever happens, I thank you for being a regular here at the site.  I love posting new content and I want to keep at it.  Malachai, who I just spent time with at our brother's wedding, is not running out of ideas, and Bearmageddon has only gotten started.  If you would like to submit any guest comics for either of my web comics in the down time, please feel free to email them to or

If you will be at San Diego Comic Con, come by and see me at booth #2306.  I have my own booth this year and will be selling books, prints, commissions and more.  Also, come check out the Axe Cop panel in room 6DE on Sunday at 3pm.

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